Guide to Big Apple

NYC CITY GUIDE - If you are a student new to New York City, do not allow the tall buildings and flashy lights scare you! This New York City guide ensures that you adapt to NYC just as well as it adapts to you.


One can only expect a multitude of transportation options in NYC and there is no shortage of choices available. Subway, cab and bus are the three most popular transportation methods for students.

 Taking the subway will get you where you need to be quickly. It is the fastest transportation available in NYC. You'll find maps of the subway system at any subway token booth. To use the subway you will need a Metrocard. A MetroCard also allows you to ride the city bus as well. This bright yellow magnetic fare car allows you to transfer from subway to bus as you need without charge. As an added bonus, purchasing a MetroCard with a value of $10 or more will get you a free-ride bonus. Unlimited day passes, 7-day passes and 30-day unlimited passes are also available at reduced costs.

Taxi Cab:
 If there are several people in the party, using a taxi cab may be cheaper than bus or train. Fares for a taxi start at just $2.50 with every 1/5 of a mile costing an additional 40cents. Flat rate fares are also available. For example, a trip from JFK Airport into Manhattan would cost just $45 (plus toll fees.)

City Bus:
 Buses in NYC run often, both uptown and downtown, though it may take you longer to reach your destination than with one of the other transportation methods. Maps of all five boroughs are available to help you plan your travel, available from the New York Transit Authority Customer service desk. You can visit the city bus website by clicking or by calling 718-330-1234.


MTA Subway and Bus Lost and Found: 212-712-4500

Long Island railroad travel Information: 718-217-5477

Metro-North railroad Travel Information: 212-532-4900


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